Paper Conveyor Machine V-Salt Conveyor Paper Roll Conveying

Paper roll conveyor system--V-type slat conveyor

1. The V type is especially made for the paper roll.

2. The v-slat conveyor is usually used in the paper roll packing and transporting system.

3. Automatic conveying the finishing rolls in Paper making tactory, also can be used to convey other products with roll shape.

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Product Details

Gram weight:100g/m2
Mechanical performance:Suitable for non-tear rolled edge
Wrapping crimping distance:100mm
Folding side width:100mm every side

V-Salt Conveyor Paper Roll Conveying

Technical information

1. Chain conveyer, chain pitch P=63.5mm, V-slat width: B=50mm, slat length: B=250mm, Thickness: S=8 mm, Material 16 manganese.

2. Slat are being made V type to transport paper rolls with a 170-degree angle.

3. Slat conveyor weight capacity: 3000kg/m...

4. Bearings in roller of conveyor chain for running flexible and being greased through the space of the chain roller. Not often and no pollution.

5. Steel structure burden machine frame, cell design applying.

6. Vertical shaft mounted gear motor applied for driving.

7. Required controlled components and mounting bracket equipped.

8. Slat conveyor pit mounted to min space occupation and no effect to other operation in workplace.

9. Repair and maintenance pit and cover at head and tail driving parts and convenient for assembling and disassembling...

V-Salt Conveyor Paper Roll Conveying

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