Intelligent Economic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Is conducive to the storage, transport and turnover of goods, with dust, moisture, cleansing the function of. Its packaging value low, excessive efficiency, enhance the degree of packaging. At the identical time, in accordance to the real wants of the packaging, can pick out a tray. Dual purpose, computerized pinnacle out type, automated on-line and different equipment.

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Product Details

Technology specifications



Wrapping size

500-1200mm (L) *500-1200mm (W)

Packaging height

Max.2400mm (1800/2800mm available)

Work efficiency

20-40 loads/H

Turntable speed

0-12RPM (adjustable, soft start & stop)


Max. 2000kgs

Turntable size

D=1650mm, H=90mm

Film carriage in front

Driven pre-stretch carriage, move up and down on side of the tower

Stretch ratio

Up to 300%


Double chain design. Lifting speed adjustable

Control system







Turntable 0.75kw; film carriage 0.35kw;

tower: 0.37kw; 220V 50HZ 1Phase

Remarks: Some parts of the machine can be exchanged according to customer requirements.

Option I: Standard low profile ramp.

Option II: weight scale

Plate Pallet Wrapping Machine

The design ideas and concepts of the equipment system and management system are advanced. The hardware and software systems that are currently popular and mature in the world and represent the future development trend are adopted. Guarantee the advancement of the system in the next few years.

Control system PLC control system
Photo eye pallet height sensor
3-12 RPM variable turntable speed by frequency changer
Turntable Go home position after wrap cycle finished
Soft start/soft stop
Heavy duty chain drive

Film carriage
Powered pre-stretch system to 300% to min film consumption
Film delivery barlable speed by spparate AC Drive Motor
Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety

Plate Pallet Wrapping Machine

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