Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet packaging laptop is used to wrap stretch movie round a loaded pallet. Stretch movie offers safety whilst the merchandise are being transported&storaged. Stretch wrapper is extensively used in chemical industry, digital industry, domestic appliances, meals etc.

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The moving parts on the equipment and the moving equipment must have safety protection measures. The protective covers and guardrails should be marked with eye-catching colors, and they should be fully protected and coordinated with the overall equipment.

The safety of operators and maintenance personnel shall be fully considered in the design of equipment and electric control, and the control system shall have interlock protection function and necessary safety protection measures.

2007 Land compensation in the development zone Suncun, plan and construct new production plant. And It had constructed in September, 2009.

2006.8 Shandong Sinolion Machinery Corp. Ltd has been formally established.


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