Portable Without Tray Winding Machine Carton Film Wrapping Equipment Pre-Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

*Powered pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250%. 
*Duo chain structure column, carriage speed vairable. 
*Automatic wrapping according to pre-set parameters. Friendly user interface for setting wrap cycles,  
top/bottom cycles & film tension. Manual wrap mode as an option. 
*Auto height detection, turntable home position, forklift sockets for easy moving. 
*Dual limit switches on top & bottom to provide better safety protections. 

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Product Details

Control systemPLC control system
Photo eye pallet height sensor
3-12 RPM variable turntable speed by frequency changer
TurntableGo home position after wrap cycle finished
Soft start/soft stop
Heavy duty chain drive
Film carriagePowered pre-stretch system to 300% to min film consumption
Film delivery barlable speed by spparate AC Drive Motor
Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety
Technology DataMax load size(mm): 1200(L)X1200(W)X2400(H)
Turntable dia: 1650mm
Turntable Height: 77mm
Turntable weight capacity: 2000kgs
Turntable speed: 3-12rpm
Electrics: 220V  50HZ 1 phase
Power: 1.5KW

Packing efficiency: 20-40 load/h base on load
Top plate

Wrapping Machine

Packing cases: Partner with CocaCola, Pepsi-Cola, Canon, LG, Panosonic etc. National corporation. 
Sincerely expecting your cooperation with us!  

Wrapping Machine

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