Automatic Horizontal Pallet Stretch Packing Wrapping Machine

Wrapper main frame with rotating ring
Orbital ring inner diameter: 1200mm.
Orbital ring height adjust by motor, to fit for different pallet height.
Infeed & outfeed top press rollers to hold pallet when wrapping.
Rotating speed: max. 30RPM, inverter adjustable.
Gearbox motor: Nord brand, 2.2kw.

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Product Details

Rotating ring inner diameter1200-2000mm
Wrapping dimensionWidth: 500-1100mm; Height: 500-1000mm; Length: 500-2000mm
Rotating ring speedMax. 30rpm
Compressed air pressure0.5Mpa
Air consumption10L/M
Motor powerrotating ring: 2.2kw  380V, 60HZ, 3phase  

Stretch Packing Wrapping Machine

Auto film feeding and cutting unit                                  
Clamp the film head for feeding, to be installed under outfeed roller conveyor
Automatically cut the film after wrapping and hold film for the next pallet; 
Air consumption: 1000ml, Air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Stretch Packing Wrapping Machine

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