CE Approved Automatic Horizontal Wrapper Profiles Winding Packaging Machine

It refers to equipment that wraps packaging tape onto goods through vertical rotating rings. The difference between this model and the horizontal winding machine is that the rotating ring has an opening. Mainly suitable for circular goods such as tires, steel strips, coils, cables, etc., it can improve packaging efficiency and reduce the loss of packaging materials. It has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof, and reducing packaging costs.
According to type, it can be divided into upper opening, lower opening, and horizontal ring body. The selection is based on the outer diameter and cross-sectional size of the goods.

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Product Details

Package length≤2200mm
Package diameter400mm
Cross section of goods(W×H)550X550mm
Packaging speed4-6m/min
Packaging efficiency40-60s/piece
Operation voltage380V.50Hz
Main engine power3.5KW
Packaging material materialStretch film, anti rust composite paper, woven tape, aluminum plastic film, etc
Packing material inner diameterΦ38,Φ50,Φ75
Outer diameter of packaging materialsΦ150-Φ600
Packaging material width50-120mm
Swivel travelThe lifting stroke is 250mm; Horizontal movement 400mm
Automatic winding mechanism /ZSPneumatic control
Pneumatic roof pressure /CSOptional
Pneumatic roller protector /HGOptional
Conveyor line (custom)Roller conveyor lines, flippers, etc
External dimension1550×1250×1280mm
Machine weight800Kg

Automatic Horizontal Wrapper Profiles Winding Packaging Machine

Horizontal ring body winding packaging machine is a kind of winding machine that takes stretch film and wrapping paper as packaging raw materials and individual packaging of copper rings and various ring items, its point is to completely replace manual winding packaging, with convenient operation and fast packaging speed, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers. The packaging effect of the winding packaging machine is beautiful and neat, and the tension is strong. Play a dust-proof, moisture-proof, protect the product surface role. Easy to transport and store, improve product appearance quality.

Automatic Horizontal Wrapper Profiles Winding Packaging Machine

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