Paper Roll Wrapping and Conveying System

1. The stop sorting deck is composed by the 12 unit. Working width is 4800mm, unit width is B=400mm, the lifting of unit is realized by the pneumatic tyre..
2 Stop sorting deck uses the release and clamp paper structure.
3 Chrome Plated on surface of stop sorting deck.
4 Fabricated steel structure.
5 Mounting in the concrete ramp.
6 Equipped with pneumatic control cabinet, the pneumatic brake is fixed in the cabinet, easily to check and overhaul. Equipped with air tube, the air source is connected to the pneumatic control cabinet by the user.
7 The operation is finished on the site operation platform.

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Product Details

Voltage220/380V 50/60HZ 3P
Wrapping Size(L*W mm)(500-1100)*(500-1200)
Wrapping Height500-1800/2400
Capacity20-40 Pallet/Hour
Turntable size2000mm
Turntable Height400mm

Paper Roll Wrapping and Conveying System

Intelligent Conveying and Packaging System Paper Roll Conveying and Packaging System in Papermaking Completion Section. Paper roll conveying and packaging system is mainly used for paper roll conveying and packaging in paper mills. Use special machinery and advanced control system to complete automatic and manual conveying, stopping, turning, weighing, code spraying, labeling, turning and packaging of paper rolls. The main equipment includes chain plate conveyor, stop distributor, pneumatic paper stopper, weighing and printing system, code spraying system, detection system, bar code scanning system, electric turntable, PE film packaging machine, kraft paper packaging machine, paper kicking machine, full-automatic labeling system, lifting conveyor, turning vertical machine, flat plate conveyor, etc.Intelligent Conveying System for Cardboard Paper Processing Mainly include logistics transportation system of raw paper and logistics system of cardboard finished paper.

Paper Roll Wrapping and Conveying System

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