Semi Automatic Rotary Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper Wrapping Machine

Rotary arm pallet  wrapping machine is a machine that arm rotates around the load, delivers the film around the load.These rotary arm pallet  wrapping machine allow loads to be wrappedwhile stationary on the floor.Designed for heavy or unstable loads.Film provides extra support while the products are being transported&storaged to protect them from tip,spill or become damaged.Additionally,wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified. 

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Product Details

Wrapping specifications(500-1300)mm*(500-1200)mm.
Packing height2400mm
Packaging efficiency30-60 loads/H available. (Option: or 20-40 loads/H)
Arm speed0-35rpm frequency control. (Option 15rpm, 25rpm)
Arm performanceHigh sensitivity emergency brake system, the arm automatically reset.
Film carriage systemPre-stretch film carriage, stretch ratio up to 300%, automatic film feeding & cutting device, adjustable speed.
Lifting columnChain structure, speed variable frequency adjustable.
Control systemPLC programmable control, wrapping layer adjustable, automatic height sense.

Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper Wrapping Machine

--Powered pre-stretch system up to 300% to min film consumption(Prestretch ratio can be specially made according your requirements.)
--Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor
--Film dancer-bar with variable speed output 
--Rotating Power slip ring provide power required for carriage drive on rotary arm.

Arm Pallet Stretch Wrapper Wrapping Machine

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