High Speed Vertical Rotating Arm Film Wrapping Machine

1.The primary frame, 4 sturdy columns related by means of a stable development consisting of
heavy rectangular cartridge profile, totally sprayed in RAL color and designed for the most secure suspension of the swivel arm;

2. Metal fencing equipped with mild monitors with mute characteristic on the enter and output aperture of the computing device in order to stop human beings from getting into the wrapping zone. These mild screens, security category IV IP66, are geared up onto a separate column in order to stop the transmission of vibrations from the fencing.

3.Manual carriage up/down;
4.Automatic peak sensor of the pallet load thru a image cellphone which is additionally in a position to Detect darkish loads;

5.safety circuit with Pilz CE licensed relays.

6.Shielded cables and filters, equipped with frequency managed motors in accordance with electromagnetic Directive 98/37.

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Product Details

Max load size 1200 L 1300W 2200H mm
Packing efficiency  20-40 loads / hour
Arm speed       3-15rpm
Machine weight       680kg
Power supply    1.3KW 220V 50Hz 1Phase (standard)
Material    LLDPE Stretch Film
Core Diameter  76.2 mm
Film Width  

 500 mm

Stretch Wrapping Machine2017.3 Shandong Sinolion Machienry Corp. Ltd begin expanding the new plant.

2015.9 Shandong Sinolion Machinery Corp. Ltd was officially listed in the inventory switch system, inventory code: 833475.

2015.4 Shandong Sinolion Machinery Co., Ltd. formally modified its identify to "Shandong Sinolion Machinery Corp. Ltd".

Fully consider the visualization and hierarchy of operation, management and maintenance, friendly interface, easy to learn and use, adaptable to personnel of different qualities, and reduce system management, maintenance and operation costs.

A variety of control and protection measures are adopted to ensure the safe, normal, stable and reliable operation of the system .

 not only the reliable quality and advanced technology of the system are considered, but also the economical practicality, openness and scalability of the scheme are considered, so as to provide users with a cost-effective design scheme.

Stretch Wrapping Machine

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