Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Packing Packaging Wrapper Wrapping Machine Stretch Wrap Machine

1. After the turntable decelerates, the clamping cylinder moves, the splint is erected, and the stretch film winds the splint and the pallet together.
2. The turntable stops rotating, and the swing arm cylinder moves. After the swing arm cylinder is in place, the magnetic switch sends out an electrical signal to clamp the cylinder. The cotton tube presses the stretch film on the cargo
while the heating wire is energized to cut the stretch film.
3. The swing arm rotates back to the original position, the magnetic switch of the swing arm cylinder sends out an electric signal, the film blowing cylinder acts, and the swing arm returns to the original position.
4. The new cargo pallet is sent to the turntable, the turntable rotates, and after winding 2-3 times, the splint 1 and the splint 2 return to their original positions at the same time. Loosen the stretch film that has been clamped.Repeat the above actions after the pallet packing of the goods is completed.

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Product Details

Control systemPLC control system
Photo eye pallet height sensor
3-12 RPM variable turntable speed by frequency changer
TurntableGo home position after wrap cycle finished
Soft start/soft stop
Heavy duty chain drive
Film carriagePowered pre-stretch system to 300% to min film consumption
Film delivery barlable speed by spparate AC Drive Motor
Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety
Technology DataMax load size(mm): 1200(L)X1200(W)X2400(H)
Turntable dia: 1650mm
Turntable Height: 77mm
Turntable weight capacity: 2000kgs
Turntable speed: 3-12rpm
Electrics: 220V  50HZ 1 phase
Power: 1.5KW

Packing efficiency: 20-40 load/h base on load
Top plate

Automatic Pallet Stretch Film Packing Packaging WrapperPacking Packaging Wrapper

PLC programmable control, winding program optional, various parameters adjustable,
Photoelectric switch automatically senses cargo height
Pre-stretching automatic film feeding mechanism
Rotary slow start, slow stop, automatic reset
The top and bottom winding numbers are individually controlled
Automatic, manual switchable, virtually no routine maintenance required

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