Pillar type Bag Handling Manipulator

The specially designed position of the cylinder grants consistent load balancing along the whole vertical stroke. It's complete pneumatic logic guarantees a high level of long-term reliability and very simple maintenance.

Often used in fully automated projects

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Product Details



Wrapping specifications


Packing height


Packaging efficiency

20-40 loads/H available. (Option: or 30-60 loads/H)

Arm speed

0-15rpm frequency control. (Option 25rpm, 35rpm)

Arm performance

High sensitivity emergency brake system, the arm automatically reset.

Film carriage system

Pre-stretch film carriage, stretch ratio up to 300%, automatic film feeding & cutting device, adjustable speed.

Lifting column

Chain structure, speed variable frequency adjustable.

Paper Bag Handling Manipulator

Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor
Rotating Power slip ring provide power required for carriage drive on rotary arm

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