Semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper

OMRON PLC programming system, stable working;

Auto height detection by photo-eye sensor;

Top/bottom & up-down wrap counts setting available from 0-9;

Reinforce wrap allow more wrap counters on same location;

Film tension control adjustment on the panel;

0-15RPM variable arm speed by frequency inverter;

Separate variable carriage up/down speed;

Cycle pause capacity;

Flash light for machine in operation;

Rotary arm stop by safety sensor and reflective photo-eye

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Product Details



Max. load size (LxWxH)


Packing efficiency

20-40 loads / hour

Rotary arm speed

0-15 rpm   Frequency control

Power supply

AC 220V

Max load capacity

Floor capacity

Working ambience

Indoor, normal temperature

Machine dimensions

Subject to final design

Heavy Load Pallet Wrapping Machine

Powered pre-stretch system motor driven, stretching ratio up to 250%, film saving and tighten

Carriage door opens for effortless film replacement;

Adjustable film feeding speed by separate AC drive motor

Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, safe and steady.

Arm (mast) drive:

Slewing bearing drive system;

Soft start/soft stop

When wrapping process finished as set, the arm auto back to home position.

Operation panel:

Button panel is simple and easy operation.

Heavy Load Pallet Wrapping Machine

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