Plasterboard strapper with TITAN Germany strapping head

This machine is used with the pallet wrapping and conveying line automatically in no need of manual operation.This machine is mainly equipped by Frame, strapping head, belt feeding unit, belt ring plate unit and control platform.

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Product Details

 Feeding speed of the belt:  4.6m/s
Tension force, infinite regulation: 200-2500N
Hot melting sealing, length of sealing head: 27mm
Material of belt: PET/PP
Width of belt:  9.5mm, 12.5mm,15.5mm
 Thickness of belt:   0.6-0.8mm 
Fiberboard Strapping Head

The whole machine is equipped with automatic swords threading system.

With the function of auto tape threading.

The lifting of strapping heading is driven by gear motor SEW to ensure stable operation and reliable braking.

With the strapping head of model VK10 K120-16 of TITAN Germany. The internal of  every strapping is 15s.

The tape spool Model KE-400 is with the auto belt collecting function.

The PLC is SIEMENS. The customer can set the times and distance as per the requirement. 

Fiberboard Strapping Head

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