Paper Roll Wrapper with Kraft

This is a kraft paper packing system for paper rolls, mainly includes the kraft paper wrapper, together with necessary paper side folding machine, heating system to finish the paper rolls wrapping and sealing.

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Product Details

Gram weight:100g/m2
Mechanical performance:Suitable for non-tear rolled edge
Wrapping crimping distance:100mm
Folding side width:100mm every side

Paper Reel Wrapping Machine for Kraft

  • Main material of the frame: Q235-A

  • The surface of the 7 paper guide rollers is galvanized with a diameter of Ф100mm.

  • 4 sets of tension controller, using motor frequency control.

  • 4 sets of paper holder pneumatic clamping mechanism, including 8 cylinders.

  • 4 pneumatic control boxes and pneumatic control components used.

  • Compressed air lines, fittings and accessories used inside the packaging machine.

  • The gas point is connected to the gas point by the buyer according to the gas requirement and equipped with a shut-off valve.

  • The shaft head adopts the air expansion shaft mode and the 3/6 integrated chuck.

Paper Reel Wrapping Machine for Kraft

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