Paper Carton Box Raw Paper Roll Handle Transporter Chain Offset Conveyor

Turningarm speed: 3-15 rpm
Pallet dimensions: 800 X 1200 and 1000 X 1200
Pallet height: Maximum 2200mm. (including pallet)
Different roll diameters and roll spacing available
Supply Voltage: 220V, 50 Hz 1 phase, neutral and earth
Power consumption: 2.0 kW
Weight: Approximately 1350 kg.
Capacity: 30-40 pallets per hour
Ambient conditions: Temperature: Min 5° /max. 40°
Humidity (condensation free): 30-80%

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Product Details

1. The main frame, four robust columns connected by a solid construction consisting of
Heavy square cartridge profile, fully sprayed in RAL colour and designed for the most stable suspension of the swivel arm;

2. Swivel arm from heavy cartridge profile fitted with external cabling for vertical movement of the slide which the foil trolley is suspended from. This slide is suspended from a chain and powered by a transmission motor. Fitted with frequency control

3. · Automatic height sensor of the pallet load through a photo cell which is also able to
Detect dark loads;

4. Separate safety circuit with Pilz CE certified relays.

5. Shielded cables and filters, fitted with frequency controlled motors in accordance
With electromagnetic Directive 98/37.

Transporter Chain Offset ConveyorTransporter Chain Offset Conveyor

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