Semi Auto Kraft Paper Roll Wrapper System with Stretch Film Wrapper

Driving roller 2pcs, including one roller that has motor, surface chrome-plating thickness 50um, diameter Ф200mm.
Motor designed with inverter and brake.
Hydraulic lift.

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Product Details

Chain pitch

P = 63.5 mm

Slat width

B = 55 mm

Slat length

L = 250 mm


S = 8 mm  Stainless steel 304

Turntable diameter

Design based on paper reel size

Reel Packing Machine

After finishing stretch wrapping, the film tail will be cut and next film head is clamped automatically.

Air blowing to wrap film head into pallet.

Hot cutting wire to cut the film after wrapping, and then wiper arm brush against film tail.

Reel Packing Machine

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