Features of automatic pre-stretch wrapping machine

2023/06/29 11:30

It is a packaging material, applied to pallet/line board packaging, using the winding machine to wrap the goods of pallet goods, using the retractability and automatic adhesion of stretch film to bind the goods and pallet into a whole, playing a fixed role, thus the goods will not occur loose package and collapse, and it can also play the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and damage prevention for the goods. Online winding film is used for assembly line operation, and the equipment automatically puts on film, breaks film and caresses film, and the front and back can be directly docked to signal. It can wrap 20-40 tows per hour, and the speed of the turntable can be adjusted.

The machine is characterized by safety and reliability, simple and clear design, easy maintenance, strong adaptability, low consumption and reduced labor intensity; PLC automatic control, reliable performance, changeable winding mode and times according to needs; automatic reset of the turntable to ensure accurate positioning of goods in and out; automatic film loading, film breakage, fault alarm shutdown and design and manufacture of matching production lines according to needs.

Features of automatic pre-stretch wrapping machine

Stretch wrap film machine is different from other box and bag packaging machine, it saves more labor in the process of packaging.

Wrap-around packaging machine that does not require pre-made bags, but only need to wrap the film, you can achieve the process of making their own bags. Specifically, the film is first heated to a certain degree, and then formed into the shape of a container through the molding mold, followed by the product into the molded container, vacuum sealing, split into individual products. This stretch film packaging machine is the four types of packaging machines inside the packaging speed is very fast, only a few swing material workers to place the product! But it also has its drawbacks, than effective for small-size products, very large packaging size with this form of packaging can not scratch, it is better to choose a double chamber and rolling automatic packaging machine according to the packaging output requirements. Of course, because it is a sheet film forming technology, equivalent to automatic bag-making, you can achieve the bag perforation, customized beautiful sealing style and more humane easy to tear mouth.